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Cook Eat Death Metal is an edgy, rock 'n' roll cookbook published in support of the victims of the Bataclan tragedy at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris on November 13, 2015.  

Written by Leslie Bilderback and supported by Dissention Records, Cook Eat Death Metal contains recipes named after Eagles of Death Metal song titles and includes cool little anecdotes around the preparation and enjoyment of the recipes. The book is categorized by the 3 courses: Opening Acts: Starters and Snacks; Main Stage: Entrees and Sides; and The Sweet Stuff: Desserts. We've also included some favorite food memories by survivors of the Paris attacks, as well as comment by Jesse Hughes' Mom, JoEllen Hughes, on some of the family food influences on Jesse.

Profits will go to the charities that support the victims and loved ones of those lost in this terrible tragedy.
  • Details

    *Not available for purchase until November 13, 2016*

    Written by Leslie Bilderback
    Cover Art by Shannon O’Sullivan
    Photos by Teri Lyn Fisher
    Supported by Dissention Records
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