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On Monday, June 16, Joshua Homme performed a ‘solo’ acoustic gig  at Sounthbank’s Royal Festival Hall in London.  And it was fairly spectacular.  The stage was simple, the lights wiere low and you could hear a pin drop as Joshua strummed his guitar and belted out his iconic vocals.  Then, he announced this next one was a new song.  Villains of Circumstance.  We captured it, because we knew there was a possibility that we would never hear it again, and if we did, it wouldn’t ever be the same.  We later uploaded the arguably shitty iPhone capture (but with clear sound) onto our YouTube account, and by 36 hours, there were over 32,000 hits.




By this time, news also began to hit about how YouTube is starting to block artists who don’t pay for their new streaming services.  Apparently, YouTube plans to launch a new, ad-free music streaming service, but if you don’t sign up, your videos will likely be pulled and you could end up blacklisted.  For artists on major labels who, we guess, rely on YouTube for exposure, the obligatory fee for add-free streams is acceptable.  But for independents, who care more about making & performing music and selling albums to fans ‘the old-fashioned way’, this YouTube move is wholly unacceptable.  Cases in point: Jack White and Arctic Monkeys.  And while QOTSA have not, yet, commented on the YouTube news, we’re pretty certain that they would stay true to the independent approach.

That said, should QOTSA and their label decide against paying the new fees, resulting in their videos being pulled from YouTube, there’s nothing saying we, as fans, can’t upload videos.  Agreed, we aren’t talking about the type of quality music video that is the subject of YouTube’s new policy; but, the general ‘upload-video-stream-music’ concept is there.  And one thing is for sure, Joshua and label won’t be paying for fans to stream videos.


Incidentally, as of July 16, the video we posted reached over 55,000 views.  We decided to make it private, which is why you're only seeing it here.  If you want to have access on YouTube, email us a  In the meantime, feel free to press play.

Homme's Villains of Circumstance

DR Backs Desert Age

A feature documentary film about the history and legacy of the desert / stoner rock music genre. 

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