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Jesse Wood Joins Longtime Friends in RedRacer as Bass Guitarist

Jesse Wood - yes, the son of a Rolling Stone, but around here, we like to focus, instead, on his ace musician skills and good looks . . . well, the DR ladies are focusing on the good looks (clarification will keep the lines of masculinity well and fully defined). Jesse is the newest member of RedRacer as base guitarist, closing the gap on what was once a duo, making this a trio not to overlook. A bit of a triple threat (musician, model, family man), Jesse runs Smashing Blouse Productions ( and still gigs with fellow rockers, Reef, but the time finally came for him to get back in touch with old friends and another shot at making music his main professional focus. For Reef tour dates, check out To keep up-to-date with Jesse's tweets, which are sure to reveal some fairly good goss and interesting photos, follow him on Stay tuned for more details as the trio are planning the release of their debut album, Define, on Dissention Records in Summer 2014.

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