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RedRacer Release Official Video with Rat Scabies on His Vintage Hayman Drum Kit

Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales in the echo chambers, with additional footage from the recording of their debut album, Define, in the California desert at Rancho De La Luna studios. RedRacer are joined by cameos Rat Scabies (Drummer, The Damned) playing his original Hayman drum kit, and Kingsley Ward, founder and owner of legendary Rockfield where some of the best British rock music has been recorded. Kingsley is driving his Rolls Royce, and is revealed at the end of the video as the person searching for RedRacer to no avail, despite the numerous 'signals' put out. RedRacer are grateful to, both, Rat and Kingsley for joining them on their first music video. RedRacer are John Hogg (Frontman & Drummer), Sean Genockey (Guitar) and Jesse Wood (Bass). Director: Michelle Sadova-Harris. Production & Filming: Dissention Records and Red90.

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