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Music // TV // Film Management

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Label Head
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Head A&R
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Head of Management
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Artist & Brand Manager
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Dissention Records and Artist Management is an independent record label.  We started back in Boston in '04, but the independent initiative that drives the label was developed years earlier in the California desert. It's hard to say what it is about the desert that fosters a ton of talent including Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal), Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson), Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Kyuss) to name just a few – maybe it's the isolated desert communities, maybe it's the heat. Whatever it is, it appears to generate a lot of noise.


Today, the label is based in the UK, and we have expanded from independent recording to artist management in music, film and TV, as well as supporting projects close to our black little hearts.  We've also aligned with some key individuals in the entertainment industry who share our mindset and don't really give a fuck about rules or protocol, but, instead, only really care about bringing good music to the masses whatever the odds.

We are heavily influenced by punk rock music, specifically the DC hardcore scene that brought us Minor Threat and other Dischord bands, but you won't find us claiming to discover that 'next big punk band' because they simply don't exist.  Punk was an outcome of social rebellion in the '70s and '80s, the result of which established it as a genre of music that continues to withstand the test of time.  While pockets of social rebellion can still be found on various political, military, or governmental issues, in general, bands today aren't forming in response thereto, and they're not making some shocking statement by the way they look or the way they behave.  Times have changed, social issues have changed and the industry that manufactures the music which lays behind all of this has also changed.  So, to us, it would be absurd to promote the concept of discovering new punk bands.  Instead, we aim to work with artists who get why punk music made its mark, may have even been a part of forming the punk genre, or just plain appreciate a strong-minded and independent nature.


We want to hear what they have to say today, because times may change, but dissenting opinions rarely do.

What follows below is an overview of some of the bands that have influenced the mindset, genre and overall premise of Dissention Records and Artist Management. None of the bands listed on this page are signed to DR. Hell, some of them don't even exist anymore. They are merely influences, assembled to help you figure out if our label is a fit for your band.


We know you didn't really need this legal disclaimer, but in order to avoid any whinging and moaning by a couple of super douchers about the potential hazards of misleading the masses, it's the least we could do.

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