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On November 13th, 2015, we got a text from our press agent to see if Jesse (Hughes) was OK.  Not yet hearing the news, we assumed Jesse was touring, as planned, and playing the Bataclan Paris show on the Eagles of Death Metal Tour that we were scheduled to attend, but cancelled last minute due to family issues.  When we turned the news on, we were in shock. It didn't seem real that the band's name was scrolling at the bottom of every news channel, accompanied by the horror that "Nearly 100 Dead After Paris Concert Terrorist Attack".  

We were immediately in touch with Jesse's Mom and since we could fly to Paris in two hours, we were set to go help. But that wasn't going to be possible.  All flights in and out of Paris were halted.  All we could do was turn to social media, looking for the next person to 'mark themselves safe' on Facebook, trying to get in touch with the American Embassy for any sort of information we could get.



In the days following the tragedy, there was a deep depression that set in across all segments of the globe.  Fans of Eagles of Death Metal were connecting to support one another, trying to make sense of the incredible loss.  We noticed one individual, Leslie Bilderback, who posted a recipe, then, named after a QOTSA song, and accompanied by lively and interesting descriptions of how to make the "comfort' dish with a cool rock 'n' roll angle.  We soon discovered that Leslie was a professional chef, an author of several cookbooks, and one of the more committed fans of the Eagles of Death Metal / Queens of the Stone Age families.  We thought it was a great attempt to provide the grieving fans with a slight distraction, one that everyone in the social media groups could relate to and understand.



We got in touch with Leslie and told her Dissention Records would be interested in funding a cookbook of the clever recipes for charity, and on November 13th, 2016, we will release the book, "Cook, Eat, Death Metal."  






In addition to Leslie's professional recipes and anecdotes around the preparation and enjoyment of the dishes that are cleverly named after EODM tracks, we've also included food-oriented comments from some of the survivors of Le Bataclan.

The book is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the attacks, and proceeds will be donated to the charities that support the victims.  The book was made available for purchase via on November 13th, 2016, marking the 1 year anniversary of the truly tragic day.



May those lost in the Paris attacks rest in peace,

and may their families find solace in the thought that we will never forget their loved ones.


Que tous ceux qui sont perdus dans le Paris des attaques de repos dans la paix,

et peuvent leur famille trouver un réconfort dans la pensée que nous ne pourrons jamais oublier leurs proches.



Cook, Eat, Death Metal.



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