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January 20, 2017
London's electronic/industrial hard rockers, Ventenner, release their third album, Invidia, today via Hibernacula Records.
The amount of [very decent] press they've received for Invidia is impressive:
"In an offering that lands somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Tool with a little more bite, Invidia is crawling with bass-heavy groove which is re-enforced by coarse vocals and serrated riffs. While first track The Start Is The End is an intense and palpitating opener, its Break In Two that immediately stands out with its electro Manson-esque intro and juxtaposing low-lying atmosphere followed by intense, raw vocals, dropping the pace again before hurling into the bleak and minor, yet irresistible chorus."    Backseat Mafia, Jan. 17, 17.
fThe band will be releasing a video for track 'Break In Two' in the next week, so be on the look out for that as they have a knack for the eerie cinematogrphy that accompanies their music so well.   Retrograde Inversion had this to say of the track:
"Break in Two’ The second track, has bass-lines that bring a darkness to the album reminiscent of early nineties industrial , and even some EDM with running bass-lines that bring about images of a swamp, the chorus giving us sounds we haven’t heard since early 2004."
According to Soundscape Magazine: "An all-round great album. Ventenner is a consistently good band and Invidia is testament to this. If you like music that keeps you on your toes, then you can’t go wrong with this."
Invidia is available through all the usual outlets, so visist or
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