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John Hogg of RedRacer Performing in Side Project: The Pyramid Ship

If you've been paying attention to our continual barrage of RedRacer news & updates, you know by now that John Hogg is, both, the Frontman & Drummer of RedRacer, but in his spare time, John is working on everything from a project with The Who to ensuring previous collabs are nourished.

Enter, The Pyramid Ship, a simplistic essence of pure raw rock energy. The Pyramid Ship is John Hogg & Charlie Morton on guitars and drums respectively. John’s past success comes full circle with The Pyramid Ship. The rock, blues, indie sound of his past is now nurtured, soulful and raw. The energy of Morton & Hogg doesn’t always feel contained, because it is not – it stretches boundaries, but not with much thought, just a feeling, a groove that is captured in a practice space and then simply recorded as-is.

The Pyramid Ship will be playing at Surya in London on Saturday, January 31.

Advanced tickets:!the-pyramid-ship/c1c5m

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